Hey Bloggers! I wanted to start this blog off by telling u a little bit about what I’m going to be discussing with you guys for the next couple weeks. I’m going to be talking about different types of genres for children’s books including picture books, fables, fairy tales and more. I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable. So first off, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite genres:Fables What are Fables? Fables are short stories that illustrate a particular moral and teach a lesson to children of all ages. Fables can also pass to different cultures as myths and legends which they would also be used for teaching morals to children. the characters of fables are usually different kinds of animals who act and talk just like people. As a child my mother would always read me, my sister and brother fables. not only because they tought us a good lesson but also because they where great stories that could grip a child’s interest in a second. there were funny stories, sad stories, simply a story for every occasion. A famous fabulist, who even now I enjoy reading is, Aesop. Aesop’s Fables were a famous book of fables that dated back to the 5th Century BC. the fables were usually short to keep the interest the the children and had animals that the children would love to hear about. It is not known exactly when the first book of Aesop’s fables were written because the fables were originally handed down from generation to generation. It is believed that Aesop lived from about 620 to 560 B.C.  Aesop was a slave who some say lives in Samos, a Greek island, but others say came from Ethiopia. It is said that he eventually became a free man. Many of Aesop’s fables were found on Egyptian papyri that was dated between 800 and 1000 years before Aesop’s time. this clearly casts doubts on the authorship of many fables credited to Aesop. Many of the fables were possibly compiled by Aesop from existing fables. Each of Aesop’s fables have a moral to teach such as:

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing “Appearances often are deceiving.”

The Fox and the Lion “Familiarity breeds contempt.”

The Hare and the Tortoise “Slow and steady wins the race.”

The Lion and the Mouse“Little friends may become great friends.”

The great thing about these fables and all fables is that that they are just as meaningful and important as they were thousands of years ago. they still have a lesson to teach children and us a s adults.

Thanks for joining me today! God Bless!


One response to “Intro/Fables

  1. Well, I didn’t hear the fables until I was a little grown up. And when I hear them they always gave me lesson to follow and it was great. I really watch them at tv but a believe that it is the same as reading it or better.

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